Rezidor Hotel Group's

Вид деятельности: Отели/гостиницы
Страна: Бельгия
Город: Брюссель
Адрес: Avenue du Bourget 44 B - 1130 Brussels Belgium
Телефон: +3 (227) 029-20-00

The Rezidor Hotel Group's history at the forefront of contemporary hospitality began in 1960 when we opened our first hotel: the towering Royal Copenhagen, built by SAS airlines to satisfy demand for luxury accommodation in the Danish capital.

Our strategy is to become increasingly asset-light by adding profitable management and franchise contracts to our portfolio.

Company structure
Our rapid growth - and the need to support expansion - has made it vital to increase hotel autonomy and accountability. Rezidor has evolved from being a top-down organisation to becoming a bottom-up company.
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